Freedom begins at home when the family comes together for each other and for the nation. This Independence Day, NU Board celebrates with its family by planting trees to build a greener and cleaner Pakistan.
We are forerunners in the industry because we have strived bravely against the odds and stood strong despite challenges. This Independence Day, let us remember the will with which we carved our legacy.

As we progress into the month of August, our hearts and minds are engulfed with waves of patriotic zeal and fervor. This 14th August we celebrate our 74th Independence Day, commemorating the creation of our nation, full of promise, growth and tolerance.
This year, we plan to celebrate our Independence Day with a mission to understand the most severe problems affecting our country and playing our part to resolve them. One such issue is widespread deforestation. As of right now, Pakistan has roughly 5 trees per capita compared to the world average of 422 trees. Our forest cover is among the lowest in the world – about 5% of the land, compared with a global average of 31%. Knowing the criticality and urgency related to climate change, where Pakistan is among the six countries that face the biggest impact from climate change and which has not only impacted the food security of this country but also disrupted the value chains for food and beverage sector but also disturbed the climatic change. we have to reassess our priorities and work towards a sustainable Pakistan. Therefore, this Independence Day, we have collaborated with Trash It to encourage you all towards plantation drive. NU Board is sowing a seed of hope by sending out the seeds, fertilizer, and pots to grow plants. We believe in sustainability by recycling the sugarcane wastage for the production of our products known as Baggase Boards.

We understand it’s a small drop in the bucket, but real and lasting change only occurs in small increments. And we hope to do our part.

This drive is our slight action of giving back to our nation, the only place we can truly call our own. It is said, that when we plant a seed, we plant a hope. So let’s plant hopes for a healthier, greener, and cleaner Pakistan for us and for our generations to follow.

Azadi Mubarak!
Pakistan Zindabad.