Colors and emotions go hand in hand. If you want to give yourself a relaxing feel while at home or at work the most important thing you must consider is the combination of colors. Each colors behold a unique experience which can set your mood right for the day. Colors can even make your space look spacious.
Below are the few color suggestions with can vibe up your living spaces in the most positive way:

When it comes to White, it is surely the best choice to make your room feel clean and spacious. White rooms give an automatic feel of cleanliness and purity. The color white itself stands for protection, innocence and goodness.

Being the color of oceans and sky, blue color create a cool and comfortable aura around it. Using blue laminated sheets on your bedroom furniture can lift up your mood while having a quite me mine. Lighter, brighter blues work better to encourage a calming environment

Experimenting with the gray color in the kitchen is always a good idea. Gray color creates a good inviting atmosphere in the dining space, sitting area or kitchen. It gives the heart of your home a timeless style. Using gray laminated sheet in the kitchen is easy to maintain. Its water and termite resistant properties is not only a cost effective solution but also create an eye watching look for your homes especially in the kitchen area.

Color is a strong color which indicates independence, resilience and security. Wood brown color in your home décor makes you feel calm and isolated. Mostly brown color is used in study rooms, or libraries as it reduces distraction and increase tryptophan (related to sleep and our immune systems)
Black is indeed the most attractive color for your home decoration. It is a symbol of elegance, and sophistication. Using black color lamination by NU Board can enhance the luxurious feel for your drawing room. It is a universal color which goes best with a lot of other colors so you can also experiment creating various color contrasts to highlight your favorite corner at your space.

Pink is mostly associated with passion and love. Decorating your room furniture with pink can overly enhance the lightening and lift up your mood instantly. If you are using pink color lamination with grey, white or beige it is sure to grab attention of your guests and greet them with a nice cozy aura.