Who doesn’t dream of building their luxury dream home? If you’re on a budget, don’t get overwhelmed by expensive décor and statement pieces, NU BOARD has got you covered!

We have few simple and pocket friendly ways to beautify your living space.


  • Details Matter.

“It’s all in the details”. We’ve all heard this one before.

Pay attention to every minute detail of your home. Every corner matters. Side lamps, rugs, ceiling lights, photo frames on the wall, plant pots at the corner, modern cut mirror, paintings, side tables; the list goes on. Small additions are the way to go!


  • Freshen up your Space.

Artificial flower arrangements at random nooks of your living space are a great way to add that sophisticated touch to your home. Not only does this uplift your space, it also gives a natural and vibrant feel to the room.


  • Less is More.

      Are you a minimalist? If so, you’re on the right track. Over whelming your living space with different variables can just end up being very messy. The best route is to keep things neat and minimal.


  • Light it Up!

Always go for warm lighting over cool, or a mix of both. Warm lighting is your go-to for creating an ideal relaxing atmosphere. Attention can be drawn towards small active nooks of your house with cool lighting.



  • From Old To New.

Get creative! Recycle or Re-use your old artwork. You don’t have to be an artist to add small creative additions to give an oomph to your boring old paintings. Abstracts are back on trend!