The first question were commonly presented upon hiring an interior expert is –

What do you envision to be your dream home”?

For most of us, it’s what represents our personality in the most direct way. Your personality dictates every aspect when it comes to design – the right colours, fabric, patterns. What feels right for you may not feel dreamy for someone else. Let’s break it down and get you one step closer to finding the right fit for you.


This personality type is optimistic, trusting, and easy going. and #NuBoard suggests that Peacekeepers are most likely drawn to clean lines, order and minimalism.

“You don’t have the space in your life for any clutter or negative vibes that come with it.”

As for must-haves for this personality type- NU Board thinks simple and versatile furniture pieces are the most essential. Think along the lines of plants, a neutral colour palette and open spaces to help you unwind.


Free-Spirit types are drawn to art, beauty, and nature. They are likely highly imaginative and creative and aren’t afraid to express themselves. According to our experts, such personalities can be expressed through eclectic decor that combines modern and vintage pieces with decor that tells their own unique story. The nomadic style involves mixing different cultures is great for free spirited personality types. Cooler tones, one-of-a-kind pieces and ethno inspired prints are all great picks for this personality type. Think boho-chic.


The Social Butterfly isn’t afraid of a little attention, and that translates in their home decor as well. Think glam styles like Old Hollywood: Bold colours, sumptuous fabrics, metallic touches, and perhaps even a little animal print.

“This style feels familiarly classic but can be made luxurious no matter the budget.”

Remember, social butterflies can benefit from having large seating spaces because they love to host and are entertainers by nature. Mid-century, modern designs are great for such personality types. We also recommend to invest in a major décor piece and funky furniture finds. A quiet office space is also crucial for social butterflies – so they can put their capabilities to work.

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